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According to a Monday Reuters report, Kowa Co Ltd, a Japanese trading and pharmaceuticals company is claiming that the drug — most often used to treat parasites — has shown an “antiviral effect” against “Omicron and other coronavirus variants in joint non-clinical research.”

To be clear, though, that research was not done in humans. It was done in test tubes, and there are many things that work well against ivermectin in test tubes that do not work well against the virus inside of test tubes as The Washington Post pointed out in a follow-up article.

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Ivermectin has long been at the center of controversy when it comes to the nation’s fight against COVID-19 as it has been hailed, by some, as having the ability to help in the fight against the virus. However, the science is still not there to back up that claim, and, according to the Reuters report, the FDA, while noting increased interest in the drug on its website in September of 2021, also noted that it had “received multiple reports of patients who had required medical attention, including hospitalization after self-medicating with it.”

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“There were some early studies that showed that it could potentially be helpful with COVID-19, but they were not large enough to be definitive,” Dr. Adrian Hernandez, identified as “one of the study’s leaders” was quoted as saying in the story. “So we want to know either way, is it potentially beneficial or not?”

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